Guardian Mode

The Guardian Mode function was conceptualised and quantified by the contract owner/founder – Hussein. It is a special code embedded in the smart contract of the token designed to protect investors and the liquidity pool from extreme manipulation. The functions default is off, the developer activates it after he consults his chart analyst and senior team members when suspicious activities have been detected. Once activated, the mode initiates a 24 hours timer which imposes a 3 stage sell function on ALL WALLETS holding Planet 3 Coins including the Hussein himself and all the project wallets. NO investor or holder is excluded from the function once activated.

The 3 stages of Sell:
  • The first stage sell permits a 50% maximum single sell of all holdings.
  • The second stage sell is permitted 6 hours after the first sell at another 50% maximum single sell of remaining holdings.
  • The third and final stage sell is permitted 4 hours after the second sell of which all of the remaining holdings can be sold.

The time restrictions of six and four hours means that the restricted period after the first initial sell of 50% maximum is a total of ten hours minimum. Therefore, the Guardian Mode allows holders to exit the project within the same day if they choose to.

Note: The function has been coded to automatically switches off after 24 hours, the developer does not have access to an off switch. Investors will be informed when the mode is activated, the team will make an announcement.

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