Our Team

  1. ADVISORS: the most senior members of the team after the CEO/DEV are the Advisors. Their role is to give leadership a different perspective in varies subject matters, which is crucial in good decision making. Leadership should NOT recycle the same strategy or be a victim of success and expect a different results.Therefore, wisdom, experience, humility, trust and honesty are crucial when selecting a group of advisors.
  2. DEV TEAM: they are experts in development, marketing, contract/coding expert, chart analytics, software, security and other technical or business related issues.
  3. SECRETARY: their roles to ensure the everything is efficient, organised, coordinated and communicated up and down the chain of command and with the community.
  4. SENIOR ADMINS: to ensure a special relationship is formed between the team and the community, senior admins will be recruited. They should have:
    • Leadership skills
    • Empathy
    • Knowledge
    • Enthusiasm
  5. JUNIOR ADMINS: these will shadow the example of senior admins as they will be the first point of contact with the community.
  6. VOLUNTEERS: the community can volunteer to help the project. A selected number of people will be given privileges based on their expertise or other competencies.


  • Author | Designer | Producer | Director | Activist | Poet
  • Ex Nurse for mental health
  • Founder/CEO Of Planet 3 Coin LLC (KYC via Solidproof).
  • Education: A Level Sciences, Mental Health Nursing, BSc Psychology, Creative Writing & Business Studies
  • Hobbies: Writing, Design, Cinematography, Woodwork, Sketch/illustrations, Physical Activities, Poetry
  • Instagram @hataristudio
  • Telegram @P3Cfounder

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